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Jazz Fest Dress Code: Lacey Pants

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We failed dear reader, we completely failed to make it to the free comic book day at Oak Street Comics. We also have no good reason for it, other than another slow start. So we can’t prove if this was the one golden tip that would have probably been true. In fact we know it to be true just for that reason. Well, putting that to one side we had another dilemma to deal with: Jazz Fest Day 2 or the local craw fish boil? At first, and for most of the day, it felt like we had to choose, so we went with Jazz Fest part 2 – we couldn’t resist the Strokes or Trombone Shorty (local boy done good!).

Arriving at Jazz fest with the sun beating down on our backs, it quickly became apparent that it was even more packed than Friday’s outing; all the people who couldn’t scive off work yesterday were out enjoying the fun legitimately. We met up with friends of Kat’s uncle to kick start the day; John, Joyce and Meredith. John introducing us to the band playing at the Congo stage – RAM of Haiti – not to be confused with ‘of the 80s’. Kat’s hopes were dashed. Although, the lead singer of RAM did happen to play with the Groceries in the eighties, still its was no Careless Whisper so Kat was less keen. After grabbing a few minutes of Haitian fare the troupe, as they now were with 3 others in tow, moved on to the Fais Do-Do stage for some French-Cajun Rock-a-billy style affair with Geno Delafose & French Rockin’ Boogie. Geno’s cousin and younger brother joined him, accordion, steel washboard and all. While queuing for Strawberry lemonade Lauren and Hannah not only missed most of Geno and the crew, but they also missed Kat’s most disturbing scene of the day; a man complete with a small goatie, white hair, short shredded skirt and your grandma’s lace panties?!! He was going round snapping folks in the crowd on his SLR, say what and for what?!

Post-panties shocker, even though you may think we could hardly stomach it, we went in search of some luncheon. It was a Saturday, so we felt like alligator. Alligator pie to be more precise, or in Hannah’s equally delicious case alligator po-boy.  Kat maxed her meal out with the combo offer; a side of fried green tomatoes and crab-meat stuffed shrimp (meat stuffed with meat mmmm). All for around £4-7 … English festival goers may now reserve the right to feel jealous and ripped off all over again, just as Glasto comes into sight.  After lunching, it was prudent to get some shade in the grandstand before the big acts of the day, as we were preparing to stake out our spots at the Gentilly Stage for Shorty and the Strokes.

Gentilly was crowded for miles around by the time were arrived, so were weren’t quite in the thick of it for Monsieur Trombone Shorty but nevertheless we were in for quite a show-stopper. He rattled through the hits of Backatown, his current album, and managed to fit in plenty of flare that include a switch from trombone to trumpet for a cover of Louis Armstrong’s ‘Sunny Side of the Street’. We saw him strut the circular breathing technique too. Oh, and before he was done he switched places with the drummer, and the bass player took up the trombone for the last song. It felt safe to inform Lauren: ‘No, there is nothing this man can’t do.’ Kat was completely floored for one, and felt like rolling around on the dusty grounds rather then marching forward for the Strokes, but needs must.

She did however take a quick break from the action in the grandstands, which gave Lauren and Hannah the time to get acquainted with T-bone? T-Bow? Mr T? Su-Bo… They don’t really know and you never will either. By the time Kat rejoined them, T-Something stumbled off and they surged forward for Strokes. The band came out to the thunder claps of the ‘We Will Rock You’ intro but they weren’t so rockin’, Julian was more mumble mumble. He also has terrible between song banter; something about liking jazz before the 40s and not getting be-bop, thanks for the Jazz lesson Jules. Not so much. We did however like the band as a unit, whatever happens between the remaining four members, they were certainly carrying the Strokes up and out on the rest of their collective shoulders. The hits were brilliant and their energy certainly lifted the quality of the singing. After all, as Lauren reliably informed us, they could no longer rely on Jules’ looks – post heroin bloat. They used ‘Last Night’ before there encore, and well didn’t have an encore, so in the end it took ‘maracas and free hugs’ lady to cheer us at that point.

Its safe to say after 5 hours of baking we were done for the day. Well, as far as festival festivities were concerned. It doesn’t mean we weren’t going to catch the end of the craw-fish boil. Pow! Two for one! By the time we arrived it was dark, and getting a craw-fish peeling tutorial in the dark is just no good – even if Sheldon is teaching you. Everyone au fay with these things has their own way of peeling it and getting all the juices from these little ‘mud bugs’ …. they’re actually more appealing then they sound, as they look more like mini lobsters, not bugs. It’s still a lot of work for a small amount of ‘meat’. It was dark, most people at the boil were well on their ways to being toasted, so it was better to just still back and chat, and grab the free beer from the cooler. However, it was a shame we missed trying out Katy and Shannon’s hot tub though… Here’s hoping for the next 2 weeks.

Well, we’d tried a Louisiana custom and failed a bit. We gave up after about 3 or 4 craw-fish, but we can blame that on the dark and not our lack of trying.  The night itself however was still young and we needed feeding – surviving on minuscule morsels of seafood is not the way forward. It was off to Cote Sud, for something Frenchie, with a larger party then the day’s troupe at Jazz fest. The nine people to cater for proved a little too much for Hose, who confused Lauren’s order of pork for a fillet of beef… Score free upgrade!

Summing up a day of New Orleans festivities and hearty meals one might say its a free fillet of beef with a side of grannies panties, and believe us no one really blinks an eye.


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